Florida Paramotor Pilot Helps Save Woman Clinging to Submerged Car That Crashed into Canal

A paraglider out for a routine flight spotted a woman clinging to her submerged vehicle in a canal—and swooped in to her rescue.

Cristiano Piquet was filming his motorized flight near Homestead, outside of Miami, Florida, when he spotted the woman ‘holding on for her life’.

Video shared by Piquet shows the woman in the water, screaming for help as she desperately holds onto her car.

Cristiano landed in a field and shouted “Need help?” to which the stricken motorist relied:
“Oh my God. I fell with my car in here.”

He called 911 and shouted across the canal to enlist the help of a nearby resident, who used ropes to pull the woman to safety.

The woman, exhausted from the ordeal, can be seen hugging the good Samaritan that lifted her out of the water.

“Mission accomplished,” concluded Cristiano, who looked on. “God’s timing is perfect.”